Corporate Services

Corporate Services
Fort Law firm will provide its clients with all the corporate services starting from incorporating all forms of companies and all post-establishment services needed.
Establishment of entities:
Our professional attorneys will assist you to establish the best form of company that shall serve the company’s objectives in the best manner.
Companies established in Egypt:-
➢ Capital Companies
● Limited Liability Companies (LLC).
● Joint Stock Companies (JSC).
➢ Partnership companies
● Partnerships Limited by Shares Companies (LSC).
● Partnership Companies.
➢ Branches and Representative Offices.
➢ Establishing the Non-governmental organizations.

Post establishment:
Our post establishment services shall include all the required procedures needed to put your institution within the right legal frame including all necessary licenses at any concerned entity, including;
● Obtaining any required licensing and permits from any concerned Ministries and Authorities.
● Factories Registration
● Registration at the Export Register.
● Registration at the Import Register.

● Liquidation of Companies
● Closure of branches and / or representative offices

Corporate Governance:
Fort law firm will provide its clients with the tools needed to start their business and to manage their daily flow of work through applying the Corporate governance rules which is, the set of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed, in order to balance the interests of a company’s shareholders, and the management and to put the company on the right legal track in accordance with the applicable law/s in the Country. And our services shall be provided through the following channels:
● Drafting Articles of Associations.
● Drafting and Preparing General Assembly’s and Board of Directors meetings
● Drafting and Reviewing Contracts and Agreements.
● Converting companies’ legal form.
Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO):
● LPO is the tool to provide your institution with the services needed in a certain legal aspect without the need to hire a full legal department, to conduct all the required services.
● LPO service shall be provided for the foreign institutions as well remotely, our firm will be able to provide your institution with the required service deemed necessary to be conducted in Egypt.
● LPO services will be provided by our Bilingual professional attorneys, in the most efficient manner and within a reasonably short time frame.

Debt collection:
Fort law firm puts its clients first, our firm supports its clients in each and every phase, and our firm will assist you to collect your debts, by amicable means through negotiations or through courts and taking any required action for our client best interest to save time and effort and protecting our client’s business

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